Public Health Emergency Preparedness General Coalition Meeting

DATE 09/13/2018
TIME 10:00 am
LOCATION Bedford Town Hall, 10 Mudge Way, Bedford, MA, USA

Meeting Agenda


I.     Approval of GC Meeting Minutes – April 2, 2018, June 7, 2018

II.     Election of Executive Committee Member

III.    Matthew Osborne, MDPH – Vector-borne Diseases

IV.   Norfolk County – 7 (NC-7) Coalition Funding & Drill Supplies Funding Request for BP1X PHEP Funds

V.    Working Groups

a.    Region 4AB Website

b.    Regional Project

c.    Finance Committee

VI.  HMCC Updates

a.    BP1X Funds Request Process

VII.  DPH Updates

VIII.  Planner Updates

a.     BP1X Project – EDS Site Visits

b.     Revised EDS Drill Forms

IX.   MRC Updates

X.    New Business

XI.   Adjourn