Middlesex Canal Commission

DATE 12/13/2018
TIME 3:15 pm
LOCATION 71 Faulkner Street, Billerica, MA, 71 Faulkner Street, North Billerica, MA, USA

Meeting Agenda

1. Registration – 2:45 p.m.

2. Introduction, Chairman Len Harmon – 3:15 p.m.

3. Secretary’s Report – Thomas Lincoln

4. Treasurer’s Report – Betty M. Bigwood

5. Does the MCC want to take control of the North Billerica Dam? Review the current status of the Concord River Dam, the role of the Town of Billerica and their water supply, the Great Meadow Conservation Reserve, the MCC/MCA and their Summit Pond – fish ladder – Bill Gerber

6. Section Activities Reports: Special interest in knowing how many Middlesex Canal signs and their locations in each Town and how many more needed. How can we pay for them?

a. Lowell

b. Chelmsford

c. Billerica

d. Wilmington

e. Woburn

f. Winchester

g. Medford

h. Somerivlle

i. Charlestown

7. Current Status of New Museum – Betty M. Bigwood

8. New Business

9. Election Officers

10. Adjournment