Woburn School Committee

DATE 01/13/2020
TIME 7:00 pm

Meeting Agenda

I. Roll Call
II. Approval of Records

Approval of 12.10.19 SC Minutes
III. Student Representative Report
IV. Citizens Participation
V. City Council Liaison
VI. Reports/Presentation of Superintendent & Staff

A. Vote 1st Day of School for 2020-21
B. School Committee Office Hours
C. Mrs. Jenn Judkins, Director of Technology and Innovation
D. Mrs. Liz Jolly, Principal, Reeves Elementary School
VII. Subcommittee Reports
A. Finance Subcommittee
1. Lists of Bills
2. Balance of Accounts

B. Resource Utilization Subcommittee
C. Personnel Subcommittee
D. Curriculum and Professional Development Subcommittee
E. Policy Subcommittee
F. Student Services and Achievement Subcommittee
VIII. Correspondence
IX. Upcoming Events
X. Future Agenda Items
XI. Executive Session
XII. Adjournment