Woburn City Council

DATE 03/10/2020
TIME 7:00 pm
LOCATION Council Chamber, Woburn City Hall, Common Street, Woburn, MA, United States

Meeting Agenda

1. Roll Call.

2. Reading of Previous Meetings Journal.

3. Communications from His Honor the Mayor: None.

4. New Petitions:

A. James L. McKeown Boys & Girls Club of Woburn for a Special Event Permit to allow a road race and health walk starting at Charles Gardner Lane and along area streets on May 3, 2020.

B. Lord Hobo for a Special Event Permit to allow a road race starting at 5 Draper Street and along area streets on June 21, 2020.

C. Woburn Bowladrome Inc. for renewal of Bowling Alley License.

D. Sams Liv Express, LLC for renewal of Livery License.

E. Woburn Cab Co. for renewal of Taxi Cab License.

F. TransAction Corporate Shuttles, Inc. for renewal of Common Carrier License.

G. Musto Jewelers for renewal of Secondhand Dealers and Secondhand Collectors License.

H. Fairfield Residential relative to CWCOD Concept Plan Review for 316 New Boston Street.

I. Tidd Home LLC for minor modification of special permit to allow revised floor plan at 74 Elm Street.

J. Life Assembly of God Church, Inc. for a special permit to allow reduction in number of required parking spaces at 16 Fowle Street.

K. Preferred Meal Systems Inc. for special permit to allow wholesale establishment, warehouse and distribution center, overnight parking of twenty (20) commercial motor vehicles and for continued use of nonconforming parking and loading docks at 39 Olympia Avenue.

L. Robert Johnson for special permit to allow for four (4) dwelling units above first floor commercial structure and parking within municipal parking lot (eight (8) spaces) at 12 Montvale Avenue.

5. Public Hearings:

A. NSTAR Electric Company for grant of right in a way to install conduit in Walnut Hill Park.

B. Coventry Realty Trust for a special permit to allow for: 1. Automobile and truck repair garage; 2. Sale and rental of automobiles, trucks, truck trailers and motorcycles; 3. Alteration of nonconforming structure; and alteration of nonconforming use with Groundwater Protection District at 13 Fowle Street.

C. Coventry Realty Trust d/b/a Woburn Classic Auto Sales for a Second Class Motor Vehicle Sales License at 13 Fowle Street.

D. 186 River Street LLC to modify a special permit to alter a preexisting nonconforming structure and use to convert industrial use to two-family use at 951 Main Street.

E. Amanda H. Silva for a special permit to allow massage therapy at 100-G Tower Office Park a/k/a 395 Washington Street.

F. Litao Liang, Liang Health Spa Inc. for special permit to allow muscular therapy at 444 Main St

G. President Anderson to amend the 1985 Woburn Zoning Ordinances, as amended, by adding a new Section 11.13 Modification of Special Permits and Variances.

H. Show Cause public hearing concerning the Second Class Motor Vehicle Sales License held by Jeffrey Pollock, Exclusive Automobiles to determine if the licenseholder is in violation of its Second Class Motor Vehicle Sales License.

6. Unfinished Business from Previous Meetings: None.

7. Committee Reports:

A. Order to appropriate $45,000 to Infrastructure Safety Ward 6 Acct for Cedar Street On Ramp engineering services. (OTP).

B. Order to amend City Council Rule 41 relative to Special Permit Provisions. (OTP).

C. Order to amend City Council Rule 20 relative to Standing Committees (OTP).

D. Order to review City Council Rules (OTP).

E. Order to amend Woburn Municipal Code Section 8-17 relative to dumpsters (OTP).

8. Citizen’s Participation: None.

9. Communications and Reports:

A. Parking Clerk report.

10. Appointments and Elections: None.

11. Motions, Orders and Resolutions:

A. Order to accept easement at Baker Way and Washington Street.