Board of Appeals

DATE 03/30/2016
TIME 7:00 pm
LOCATION Committee Room, Woburn City Hall, Common Street, Woburn, MA, United States

Meeting Agenda

Discussion of pending filing of an application by Mill Street Property Group LLC for a comprehensive permit pursuant to M.G.L. Ch. 40B for property on Mill Street. Chair Pinkham thanked the petitioner for its response to the Board’s letter of March 17th. In response to the Chair’s questions, Project Engineer Chris Sparages, William & Sparages, 189 North Main Street, Suite 101, Middleton, MA 01949, explained that they decided to use the plan to show street widths; that there is not one continuous width; that variable widths is very common; that there was a revision to C-1; that there 40’ width in the immediate proximity of the site; that (original) C-8 states that all is 40’ which they know from many sources (i.e. plans of record); that the street was laid out in 1795; that some plans state 33’ wide; that they researched all of the Deeds; that there are some widths that aren’t determined by survey (i.e. rods/pins); that they have come across widths of 40’ and 33’; that Mill Street and Salem Street doesn’t intersect. Attorney Regnante added that the same Stormwater Report is being submitted to the Conservation Commission because there is a regulation to file with other jurisdictions before ConCom; and that some of the waivers are moot but the Engineer will review.