Woburn City Council

DATE 11/17/2020
TIME 7:00 pm
LOCATION Council Chamber, Woburn City Hall, Common Street, Woburn, MA, United States

Meeting Agenda

1. Roll Call.
2. Reading of Previous Meetings Journal.
3. Communications from His Honor the Mayor: None.
4. New Petitions:
A. Petitions for renewal of Second Class Motor Vehicle Sales Licenses by Maurice Saba dba Montvale Auto Care; Nicolas Saba dba Montvale Service.
5. Public Hearings:
A. NSTAR Electric Company dba Eversource Energy and Verizon New England, Inc. for a grant of right in a way to install two joint occupancy poles (612/2A and 612/3A) on the northwesterly side of Atlantic Avenue approximately 176 feet west of Commerce Way.
B. To determine whether the property located at 11 Montvale Road is a nuisance as the terms is used in M.G.L. Ch. 139, Sec 1.
C. UDR Inwood LLC for a special permit to modify and amend special permit by adding plan entitled relative to proposed cardboard recycling area at 1 Inwood Drive.
D. MVRH Realty for a special permit to allow amendment of Special Permit and Site Plan of for proposed Solar Photovoltaic Installation, construction of a structure in floodplain, extension of alteration of existing nonconforming use or structure, and solar carport/canopy in non-residential district at 20 Cabot Road.
6. Unfinished Business from Previous Meetings:
A. Order to appropriate the sum of $7,000.00 Traffic Safety & Infrastructure $7,000.00 to Draper Street/Ward 5 Acct to purchase & install traffic safety/speed flash sign.
B. Order to appropriate the sum of $220,000.00 Veterans Cash Aid Acct.
C. Order to appropriate the sum of $3,500,000.00 from Unreserved Fund Balance Acct to reduce the city tax rate
7. Committee Reports: None.
8. Citizen’s Participation: None.
9. Communications and Reports:
A. Parking Clerk report for month of October 2020.
B. Veterans Agent relative to Ferullo Field and the flag pole project.
10. Appointments and Elections:
A. Heather Barackman as Member of Conservation Commission.
11. Motions, Orders and Resolutions:
A. Resolve in recognition of the retirement of Fire Chief Stephen Adgate.