Woburn City Council

DATE 04/20/2021
TIME 7:00 pm
LOCATION Council Chamber, Woburn City Hall, Common Street, Woburn, MA, United States

Meeting Agenda


1. Roll Call.
2. Reading of Previous Meetings Journal.
3. Communications from His Honor the Mayor: None.
4. New Petitions:
A. Boston Express Livery Service, Inc. for renewal of Livery License.
B. Camargo Chauffeur Service, LLC for renewal of Livery License.
C. Harmony Transportation Inc. for renewal of Livery License.
D. Kelly Towncar, Inc. for renewal of Livery License.
E. Sams Liv Express, LLC for renewal of Livery License.
F. Linear Retail Woburn #1 LLC for a Special Permit to allow 1. Revised site plan entitled “Proposed Site Plan Documents for Linear Retail, Proposed Driveway Relocation” dated April 14, 2021 prepared by Bohler, 45 Franklin Street, 5th floor, Boston, MA 02110 which revised site plan shows the existing curb cut limited to right turns in and right turns out and a new curb cut which creates a dedicated right turn into the site; a dedicated right turn out of the site; and a dedicated left turn out of the site all as part of the petitioner’s Access Management Plan. 2. A modification of the parking reduction allowed in the Decision from 168 parking spots to 148/144 parking spaces to 136 parking spaces, at 299 Mishawum Road.
G. Popeyes for a Special Permit to allow for a fast food restaurant pursuant to Section 5.1 (29) at 305 Mishawum Road.
H. ABA Therapeutics LLC for a Special Permit to allow for alteration of the pre-existing non-conforming use and structure to use approximately 4,500 square feet of gross floor area to allow for physical therapy office and treatment area at 30 Pento Road.
5. Public Hearings:
A. ECA NEMA Brightfields I LLC and ECA NEMA Brightfields II LLC for Site Plan Review to allow ground-mount solar photovoltaic energy generating facilities at 134 Commerce Way, 39 Atlantic Avenue, 132 Commerce Way, four parcels off New Boston Street, 30 Atlantic Avenue and 0 New Boston Street. [request to continue filed]

B. Jackson Lumber for special permit: 1. To amend a special permit to allow additional drainage and pavement to expand parking lot; and 2. Alteration of existing use to allow for drainage and pavement, at 36 Prospect Street. [request to continue filed]
C. Woburn (Edens), LLC for an amendment to special permit and plan approval to allow reconfigured retail and restaurant building pads including rooftop dining and interactive outdoor retail, restaurant and entertainment/special events uses in place of deferred construction of cinema building, parking and circulation modifications, utility modifications and building envelope adjustments at 300 Mishawum Road.
D. Crossroads Properties, LLC for a special permit to allow construction of a two-story addition to existing two-story pre-existing non-conforming structure at 299 Washington Street.
E. Landmark News Group Inc. dba Wicked Bagel Woburn for a special permit to allow a fast food restaurant at 345 Washington Street aka 8 Cummings Park.
F. To determine whether the property located at 31 Elm Street is a nuisance as the term is used in M.G.L. Ch. 139, Sec 1.
6. Unfinished Business from Previous Meetings: None.
7. Committee Reports:
A. Transaction Corporate Shuttles Inc. for renewal of Common Carrier License. (OTP)
8. Citizen’s Participation: None.
9. Communications and Reports:
A. Notice of Retirement Board meeting to vote on granting eligible retirees COLA (cost-of-living adjustment).
B. Parking clerks report.
10. Appointments and Elections: None.
11. Motions, Orders and Resolutions:
A. Order to amend Section 5.2 additional regulations of the 1985 Zoning Ordinance of the City of Woburn by further amending subsection 4.

Notice of Hearing – Landmark 345 Washington St 4-20-2021 pdf
Notice of Hearing – Crossroads 299 Washington St 4-20-2021 pdf  
Notice of Hearing – Edens 300 Mishawum Road 4-20-2021 PDF
Notice of Hearing – Jackson 36 Prospect St 4-20-2021
Notice of Hearing – Brightfields Industri-Plex Site 4-20-2021
Nuisance Notice of Hearing Newspaper – 31 Elm Street 4-20-2021