Traffic Commission

DATE 07/21/2016
TIME 4:00 pm
LOCATION Committee Room, Woburn City Hall, Common Street, Woburn, MA, United States

Meeting Agenda

  1. Roll Call of Members
  2. Relative to a request for a pedestrian-activated crosswalk signal light at 237 at Winn Street.
  3. Relative to request for no through traffic restriction on Maura Drive.
  4. Relative to the installation of crosswalk across Salem Street at Salem Place.
  5. Relative to a delayed green light for westbound traffic on Russell Street.
  6. Relative to second reading of the following regulation for enforcement of handicapped parking regulations
  7. Relative to stop sign restriction at intersection of Mt. Pleasant Street at South Street.
  8. Relative to no turn on red restriction at southerly intersection of Elm Street and Main Street.
  9. Relative to request for traffic calming on Beacon Street at intersection with Sturgis Street.
  10. Relative to turn restrictions on Colonial Road.