Special Meeting Woburn City Council

DATE 04/26/2021
TIME 5:45 pm
LOCATION Council Chamber, Woburn City Hall, Common Street, Woburn, MA, United States

Meeting Agenda

Pursuant to Rule 31 of the Rules and Orders of the City Council, the President of the City Council has called a SPECIAL MEETING of the City Council to be held in the City Council Chamber, Woburn City Hall, 10 Common Street, Woburn on April 26, 2021 at 5:45 p.m. for the purpose taking action on the appointment to fill the vacancy in the office of City Clerk, and, at the time of posting, a listing of topics that the President reasonably anticipates will be discussed are as follows:

1. Roll Call.
2. Reading of Previous Meetings Journal.
3. Action on appointment of City Clerk.