Woburn City Council (Revised)

DATE 05/04/2021
TIME 7:00 pm
LOCATION Council Chamber, Woburn City Hall, Common Street, Woburn, MA, United States

Meeting Agenda

1.   Roll Call.

2.   Reading of Previous Meeting Journal

3.   Communications from His Honor the Mayor:
A.  Order to transfer the sum of $750,000.00 from Overlay Reserve Acct to OPEB Trust Fund.

4.  New Petitions:
A.  Cafe Leonardo for a special permit to modify a special permit to change the name from Cafe Sorelli to Cafe Leonardo.

5.  Public Hearings:
A.  Woburn APNA Bazar Incorporated for a special permit to modify special permit to allow alteration of pre-existing nonconforming use and structure to allow retail store and parking at 335 Washington Street. [request to continue filed]
B.  Joseph Prizio for a special permit to allow the installation of an in-ground pool within the Groundwater Protection District at 96 Pleasant Street.
C.  Jackson Lumber for special permit: 1. To amend a special permit to allow additional drainage and pavement to expand parking lot; and 2. Alteration of existing use to allow for drainage and pavement, at 36 Prospect Street.
D.  Madison Woburn Holding, LLC, (Chick-Fil-A) for a special permit to eliminate eleven (11) parking spaces, add painted island between drive-thru, add delineate queuing of ten additional cars, eliminate raise curb island at drive-thru entrance, replace and relocate clearance bar at drive-thru, relocate sidewalk at rear of building, to allow two lanes to circumnavigate the building, modify island behind building between drive-thru and dumpster, add nine (9) dedicated employee spaces, remove and replace raised island between drive-thru (and lights within island) modify drive aisle on the north side of building from two way to one way, replace twenty (20) 90-degree head-in spaces with thirteen (13) angled spaces along northern edge of parcel and reconfigure brick wall at outdoor seating at 369 Washington Street A/K/A 375 Washington Street.
E.  Autoworx, Inc. for a special permit to allow auto repair at 921 Main Street.
F.  FRH Realty LLC, An Affiliate of Fairfield Residential for a special permit to allow: 1. Four hundred forty-five (445) residential dwelling units, 2. Accessory pool, 3. Accessory garages for use of residents on the premises, 4. Fence over 3 feet high within street setback, 5. Maximum height of fence to exceed 6 feet, 6. Free-standing sign in front yard setback, 7. Maximum pavement width of driveway increased, 8. Private garage larger than 900 s.f. with doors exceeding 8 feet high, 9. Private accessory garage in front yard setback, 10. Private swimming pool larger than 900 s.f., and 11. Site Plan Approval for four hundred forty-five (445) residential dwelling units, at 316 New Boston Street.

6.  Unfinished Business from Previous Meetings: None

7.  Committee Reports:
A.  Boston Express renewal of Livery License (OTP)
B.  Camargo Chauffeur Service, LLC renewal of Livery License (OTP)
C.  Harmony Transportation, Inc. renewal of Livery License (OTP)
D.  Kelly Towncar, Inc. renewal of Livery License (OTP)
E.  Sams Liv Express, LLC renewal of Livery License (OTP)

8.  Citizen’s Participation: None

9.  Communications and Reports: None

10.  Appointments and Elections: None

11.  Motions, Orders and Resolutions: None

Notice of Hearing – Autoworx – 921 Main Street – 5-4-2021
369 Washington St Public Hearing Notice
96 Pleasant Street Notice
Notice of Hearing – APNA Bazar Incorporated – 335 Washngton Street-5-4-2021
Notice of Hearing – Jackson 36 Prospect St 5-4-2021
Notice of hearing – 316 New Boston Street

Original posted at 2:01 pm.,  April 29, 2021
Revised posting at 4:14 pm.,  April 29, 2021