Woburn City Council

DATE 07/13/2021
TIME 6:30 pm
LOCATION Council Chamber, Woburn City Hall, Common Street, Woburn, MA, United States

Meeting Agenda

  1. Roll Call.
  2. Reading of Previous Meetings Journal.
  3. Communications from His Honor the Mayor:
    1. Capital Budget FY 2022.
    2. Order to authorize Mayor to accept grant funds under The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) through the new Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Fund (CLFRF).
    3. Order to authorize Mayor to accept parcel of land located off of Russell Street from NNA Associates for conservation and stormwater management purposes.
    4. Order to authorize Mayor to grant a Street Widening Easement over the former Stoneham Branch, now known as the Tri-Community Bikeway, to Montvale Land, LLC.
    5. Order to amend the Woburn Municipal Code Title 2, Article XVIII, Compensation of Officers and Employees, base salaries of reserve police officer per hour.
  4. New Petitions:
    1. Woburn Host Lions Club for special event permit for a road race at Horn Pond and area streets on October 17, 2021.
    2. Woburn Host Lions Club and Festival on the Common for special event permit to allow festival on Woburn Common and surrounding streets on November 27, 2021.
    3. Blues for Veterans for special event permit to allow concert at Library Field September 18, 2021.
    4. Musto Jewelers, 186 Cambridge Road, No. 9, for renewal of Secondhand Dealers and Secondhand Collectors License.
    5. 120 Commerce Apartments, LLC for a new flammable license, Class 1 Liquid, at 120 Commerce Way.
    6. Lightning Express, for a special permit to park vehicles overnight at 215 Salem Street.
    7. CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals, Inc. to amend a special permit previously granted on March 6, 2018, to allow a pharmaceutical facility with over 15,000 square feet of light manufacturing at 32 Cabot Road.
    8. AVFX LLC for a special permit to allow for overnight parking of four (4) commercial vehicles at 9 Micro Drive.
    9. Cabot, Cabot & Forbes LLC request for Commerce Way Overlay District Concept Plan Review Committee to review application for property located at 0 New Boston Street.
    10. Pulte Homes of New England LLC request for minor modification for special permit at Hill Street.
    11. 285 Locust Street LLC request for minor modification of special permit with respect to modifications for proposed island and signage illumination at 25 Locust Street.
  5. Public Hearings:
    1. FRH Realty LLC, An Affiliate of Fairfield Residential for a special permit to allow: 1. Four hundred forty-five (445) residential dwelling units, 2. Accessory pool, 3. Accessory garages for use of residents on the premises, 4. Fence over 3 feet high within street setback, 5. Maximum height of fence to exceed 6 feet, 6. Free-standing sign in front yard setback, 7. Maximum pavement width of driveway increased, 8. Private garage larger than 900 s.f. with doors exceeding 8 feet high, 9. Private accessory garage in front yard setback, 10. Private swimming pool larger than 900 s.f., and 11. Site Plan Approval for four hundred forty-five (445) residential dwelling units, at 316 New Boston Street. [request to continue filed].
    2. Woburn APNA Bazar Incorporated for a special permit to modify special permit to allow alteration of pre-existing nonconforming use and structure to allow retail store and parking at 335 Washington Street. [request to continue filed].
    3. Sarah Lyn Sindoni Faris, 17 Surrey Road, Woburn, Massachusetts 01801 for special permit to allow muscular therapy under Section 5.1(33b) of the 1985 Woburn Zoning Ordinances, as amended, at 100 Sylvan Road/100 Trade Center, Suite G700.
    4. 18 Hovey Street Rear Left, LLC, Vittorio D’Amore, 84 N. Margin Street, Apt.#9, Boston, Massachusetts 02113 for a Special Permit pursuant to 1985 Woburn Zoning Ordinances, as amended, Section 7.6 (1) and (2) the Reconstruction/Rebuild of property damage by flood/water damage and subsequent demolition of interior at 18 Hovey Street Rear Left.
    5. Jackson Lumber for special permit: 1. To amend a special permit to allow additional drainage and pavement to expand parking lot; and 2. Alteration of existing use to allow for drainage and pavement, at 36 Prospect Street.
    6. Mass General Brigham Integrated Care, Inc. for a special permit and site plan review to allow: 1. Section to allow a medical office building for general outpatient and diagnosis containing approximately 60,206 gross floor area; 2. Section 8.3 to allow parking on separate lot within 500 feet of proposed use; 3. Section 8.6.3 to allow exceptions to landscaping requirements for parking facilities in temporary parking lot; 4. Section 28.3 to allow relief to allow height of retaining wall up to nine (9) feet more or less in height; 5. Section to allow reduction in loading space requirements; 6. Section 28.3 to allow reduced setbacks for bike racks (if applicable), CHP, SG and Transformer; and 7. Approval of all signage as set forth on illustrative Site Plan, at 2 Hill Street.
    7. Popeyes for a Special Permit to allow for a fast food restaurant pursuant to Section 5.1 (29) at 305 Mishawum Road.
    8. Order to amend the 1985 Woburn Zoning Ordinances, as amended, be further amended by amending the definition of “RESTAURANT, FULL- SERVICE” in Section 2 by inserting after “space” on the first line the following language: “(including outdoor seating and rooftop dining)”.
    9. Order to amend Section 11.6.12 entitled “Rooftop Dining in the B-D District” and Section 5.1 entitled “Table of Use Regulations”, Note 27 of the 1985 Zoning Ordinance of the City of Woburn.
  6. Unfinished Business from Previous Meetings: None
  7. Committee Reports:
    1. Woburn Bowladrome, Inc. for renewal of a Bowling Alley license. (OTP)
    2. Woburn Cab Co. for renewal of Taxi Cab Licenses. (OTP)
    3. M&L Transit Systems Inc. for renewal of Common Carrier Licenses. (OTP)
  8. Citizen’s Participation: None.
  9. Communications and Reports:
    1. Communication from the City Solicitor dated June 17, 2021 regarding Chapter 20 of the Acts of 2021 – Remote Participation/Outdoor Dining/Take Out Alcohol.
    2. Building commissioner quarterly nuisance property report.
    3. Communication from Attorney Joseph R. Tarby, III dated July 8, 2021 regarding Spry Moving/Resolution Adopted by the Woburn City Council on June 1, 2021.
  10. Appointments and Elections:
    1. Appointment of Anthony Langone to Woburn Conservation Commission.
    2. Reappointment of Duane P. Cleak to Woburn Conservation Commission.
    3. Appointment of Michelle Eovine to the Woburn Golf and Ski Authority.
    4. Appointment of the following members to the Human Rights Commission: Robert F. Rufo, Jr., Sandra L. Lawton, Elaine Pruyne, Marie L. Lingblom, Dr. Mohanan Unni, Thomas J. Maher, Matthew T. Crowley, Amanda Harvey, and Timothy J. Donovan.
  11. Motions, Orders and Resolutions:
    1. Resolve for Joseph Briere Foundation.
    2. Resolve for the Inaugural Class of Female Eagle Scouts.


The original notice was posted on July 8, 2021 at 6:02 p.m. and the revised notice was posted on July 9, 2021 at 8:58 a.m.


Notice of Hearing – Faris – 100 Sylvan Road – 100 Trade Center, Suite G700 – 7-13-2021

Notice of Hearing – 18 Hovey Street Rear Left LLC – 18 Hovey Street Rear Left 7-13-2021