Woburn City Council

DATE 06/21/2022
TIME 7:00 pm
LOCATION Council Chamber, Woburn City Hall, Common Street, Woburn, MA, United States

Meeting Agenda

The following is the Notice of Meeting and, at the time of posting, a listing of topics that the President reasonably anticipates will be discussed at the Regular Meeting of the City Council on Tuesday, June 21, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, Woburn City Hall, 10 Common Street, Woburn. The order of the matters may be amended at the meeting.

  1. Roll Call.
  2. Reading of Previous Meetings Journal.
  3. Communications from His Honor the Mayor:
    1. Order to transfer $246,738.31 from Mayor Salary Adjustment Acct to Various Accounts Department Salaries.
    2. Communication from Mayor requesting appropriation of funds relative to affordable housing.
    3. Order to transfer $29,000.00 from Stabilization Affordable Housing Acct to Planning Consultant/Peer Review Acct.
    4. Order to authorize the Mayor under M.G.L. c.40 §4A to execute an Intermunicipal Agreement between the City of Woburn and the Towns of North Reading, Reading, Saugus, and Wilmington to share the services and costs of a common Regional Housing Services Office.
  4. New Petitions:
    1. Special Event for SCI Woburn Horn Pond Summer Concert Series, July 8th & 22nd, August 5th & 19th at Horn Pond Ice House Park.
    2. Woburn Host Lions Club for special event permit for a road race at Horn Pond and area streets on October 16, 2022.
    3. Woburn Host Lions Club and Festival on the Common for special event permit to allow festival on Woburn Common and surrounding streets on November 26, 2022.
    4. Iryana Market request for a special permit pursuant to the 1985 Woburn Zoning Ordinance, as amended, Section 5.1(29) to allow for restaurant, fast food, at 442-444 Main Street.
    5. ECA NEMA Brightfields I, LLC and ECA NEMA Brightfields II, LLC request for special permit and site plan review pursuant to the 1985 Woburn Zoning Ordinance, as amended, Section 12 and Section 26, to modify existing special permit issued on June 10, 2021, regarding the site plan and solar array layout, at the Industri-Plex site at 134 Commerce Way, 39 Atlantic Avenue, 132 Commerce Way, four parcels off New Boston Street, 30 Atlantic Avenue and 0 New Boston Street.
    6. McDonald’s Real Estate Company request for a special permit pursuant to the 1985 Woburn Zoning Ordinance, as amended, Section 7.3 and Section 9, to allow for a modification to the Site Plan of Record dated December 2, 2011 within the Floodway, at 333 Montvale Avenue.
    7. Montvale Land, LLC request for minor modification to consolidate two retaining walls into one, and update the Master Concept Plan, at 2 Hill Street.
  5. Public Hearings:
    1. Boston Gas dba National Grid for grant of right in a way to install approximately 354 feet of 4-inch, plastic gas main in East Dexter Avenue from an existing gas main in North Maple Street.
    2. President Concannon, per request of the Mayor, to amend the 1985 Woburn Zoning Ordinances, as amended, by adding a new section, Section 32, entitled Adult Use of Marijuana; by amending Section 2, Definitions, by deleting the current definitions of Marijuana Establishment and Medical Marijuana Treatment Center, and adding a new definition of Medical Marijuana Treatment Center, also known as a Registered Marijuana Dispensary (RMD); by deleting in its entirety, Section 5.8, entitled Marijuana Establishments Forbidden; by amending Section 5.1, Table of Use Regulations, to revise line 33(d) by replacing “Marijuana Establishment” with “Marijuana Retailer” as a special permit use only in the IP-2 zoning district and by deleting reference to Note 19(c); and by deleting 19(c) from the list of Notes to 5.1 Table of Use Regulations.
    3. Rhino FE 400 Presidential LLC for a special permit and site plan review pursuant to the 1985 Woburn Zoning Ordinance, as amended, Sections 5.1(41a) and 5.1(66), and Section 12, for approval for a life science laboratory with research and development uses and ancillary office space, at 400 Presidential Way.
  6. Unfinished Business from Previous Meetings:
    1. Order to appropriate the sum of $80,000.00 from Cemetery Interest Fund Acct to Various Cemetery Accts.
  7. Committee Reports:  None.
  8. Citizen’s Participation:  None.
  9. Communications and Reports:  None.
  10. Appointments and Elections:  None.
  11. Motions, Orders and Resolutions:
    1. Resolve for Eagle Scout Jesse Escobedo.
    2. Order to amend Woburn Municipal Code Section 2-180 relative to non-union department head salaries.
    3. Resolve to send communication to state delegation regarding opposing the changes in the MBTA’s Bus Network Redesign Plan.


Notice of Hearing – WZO Adult Use of Marijuana – 06-21-2022
Notice of Hearing – National Grid – East Dexter Avenue – 6-21-2022