Northeast Metropolitan Regional Vocational School District- School Building Committee

DATE 08/18/2022
TIME 5:00 pm
LOCATION School Library, Northeast Metro Regional Vocational School District, 100 Hemlock Road, Wakefield, MA, USA

Meeting Agenda

I. Call to Order
II. Prior Meeting Minutes
a. Discussion
b. SBC to Vote to Approve 04/14/2022 meeting minutes
III. Discussion Topics
1.) Invoice-Reimbursement Update (PMA)
2.) Schedule Update (PMA)
3.) Design Development MSBA Packet Update (DRA)
4.) Early Planning and Logistics (Gilbane)
5.) Next steps with design/MSBA (All)
6.) VOTE: School Building Committee vote to authorize the project team to
submit the Design Development Package to the Massachusetts School
Building Authority on behalf of the District.
IV. New Business
V. Public Comment Period
VI. Schedule Next Meeting
VII. Vote to Adjourn