Northeast Metro Tech Building Committee

DATE 01/19/2023
TIME 5:30 pm
LOCATION School Library, Northeast Metro Regional Vocational School District, 100 Hemlock Road, Wakefield, MA, USA

Meeting Agenda

Estimated Start Time

I. Call to Order 5:30 P.M.
II. Prior Meeting Minutes 5:35 P.M.
a. Discussion
b. SBC to Vote to Approve 08/18/2022 meeting minutes
III. Discussion Topics 5:40 P.M.
1.) Invoice-Reimbursement Update (PMA)
2.) Schedule Update (GBCO)
3.) 60% Construction Document MSBA Submission Package (DRA)
4.) VOTE: School Building Committee vote to authorize the project team to
submit the 60% Construction Document Package to the Massachusetts
School Building Authority on behalf of the District.
IV. New Business 6:15 P.M.
V. Public Comment Period 6:20 P.M.
VI. Vote to Adjourn 6:35 P.M.

Authorized Person: David DiBarri, Superintendent