Woburn Public Library Board of Trustee Meeting

DATE 09/13/2023
TIME 6:00 pm
LOCATION Archives Reading Room, 45 Pleasant Street, Woburn, MA, USA

Meeting Agenda


1. Call to order
2. Approval of June 6th Meeting minutes
3. Director’s Report
4. Committee Reports

a. Archives
b. Building and Grounds

i. Trees
ii. Generator
iii. Glass cleaning

c. Finance and Audit

i. Trust Funds update
ii. Bank Account

d. Governance

5. Unfinished business from the previous meeting:

a. By-Laws Update/Discussion/Vote

6. Staff Meeting Dates
7. Policy Updates
8. Other Business*
9. Announcements
10. Adjournment


*Business not known at the time of posting that may legally come before the board