Woburn City Council

DATE 07/18/2017
TIME 6:30 pm
LOCATION Council Chamber, Woburn City Hall, Common Street, Woburn, MA, United States

Meeting Agenda

1. Roll Call.

2. Reading of Previous Meetings Journal.

3. Communications from His Honor the Mayor:

A.Order to transfer $222,341. From Fire/BLS Ambulance Acct to Fire Ambulance Acct.

4. Public Hearings:

A. Order to amend Woburn Zoning Ordinances by adding a new Section 30 entitled Anderson/Woburn Smart Growth Overlay District.

B. Order to amend Woburn Zoning Ordinances Section 8.3 to establish downtown parking enhancement fund.

C. City of Woburn for a special permit to allow construction of a municipal parking lot at 455-467 Main Street.

D. C&C Realty Trust, Fred J. Cotreau and John J. Canney, Jr., Trustees for a special permit to allow for fill and for outside storage of building materials and equipment at 6 Draper Street.

E. APT USA LLC for a special permit to allow research and testing laboratory at 195 Presidential Way.

F. Lei Song for a special permit to allow muscular therapy at 446 Main Street.

G. Jennifer Hardin and Scott Hardin for a special permit to amend a special permit to allow an existing structure to be demolished and a new structure built using the same footprint at 19R Traverse Street.

H.New Creek II LLC to amend a special permit by replacing condition relative to sign plan for Partners/Urgent Care at 425 Washington Street.

I. New Creek II LLC for a special permit to allow for the alteration of the existing two (2) nonconforming pylon signs at 425 Washington Street.

5. Citizen’s Participation: None.

6. Committee Reports:

A. Order to allow Ground Lease with Woburn Library Board of Trustees related to construction of library addition (OTP).

B. Order to transfer $23,000. from Cemetery Interest Fund to various Cemetery Accts (OTP).

C. On the review of salary, job description and qualifications for position of Deputy Superintendent of Public Works (back for action).

D. On the Orders relative to review of the special permit for 17R Maywood Terrace (back for action).

7. New Petitions:

A. Blues for Veterans Association for Special Event Permit to allow concert at Library Park on September 16, 2017.

B. E&C Auto Brokers LLC for transfer of Second Class Motor Vehicle Sales License at 505 Main Street.

C. Parker Hannifin Corporation, Chomerics Division for change of name of holder of Inflammable License at 84 Dragon Court, 70 Dragon Court and 8 Commonwealth Avenue.

D. Seaver Properties LLC request to revise plan of record for Special Permit relative to parking areas at 100 Baldwin Avenue.

E. National Grid for a grant of right in a way to extend main 25 feet in Burlington Street.

F. 5 Draper Realty, LLC for special permit to allow outside storage of materials at 5 Draper Street.

G. Intent Architects for special permit for special permit for exterior renovations at 857 Main Street.

H   Presidential Ventures, LLC for special permit to allow general office, accessory storage and continued use of wholesale establishment, warehouse and distribution center and overnight parking of commercial motor vehicles at 8 Presidential Way.

I.  Apria Healthcare LLC for special permit to modify special permit to allow reduction in overnight parking of commercial vehicles at 4 Presidential Way.

J. 36 Cabot Road LLC for special permit to allow for construction of new building for wholesale establishment, warehouse and distribution, office space and light manufacturing at 32 Cabot Road.

8. Communications and Reports:

A. Director of Council on Aging report and Council on Aging minutes for June 2017.

B. Parking Clerk report for May 2017.

C. Building Commissioner quarterly report on nuisance properties.

D. Agreement for Payment in Lieu of Taxes for 1 Charles Gardner Lane.

E. Paul Farrow relative to erecting a flag pole on Bruce Road.

9. Unfinished Business from Previous Meetings:

A. Reconsideration of vote to deny petition by Minast, LLC for special permit to modify a special permit to allow for the deletion or modification of Condition 3 of the Decision relative to mitigation at Lot 1, Presidential Way.

B. Reconsideration of vote to deny petition of Madison Woburn Holdings, LLC to amend the 1985 Woburn Zoning Ordinances, as amended, Section 2 Definitions by amending the definition of Mixed Use Hotel/Restaurant.

10. Appointments and Elections:

A. Appointment of Clerk of Committees

11. Motions, Orders and Resolutions:

A. Resolve for Traffic Commission to establish stop sign restriction on Mt. Pleasant Street at Prospect Street.

B. Order that Committee on Personnel begin process to fill vacancy in Deputy Superintendent of Public Works position.

C. Order for public hearing to determine whether the property located at 3 Frank Street is a nuisance as the terms is used in M.G.L. Ch. 139, Sec. 1.

D. Order relative review of special permit petition filing requirements by Committee on Ordinance.

E. Resolve to establish capital improvement plan relative to road and sidewalk repairs.