Woburn City Council

DATE 02/06/2024
TIME 7:00 pm
LOCATION Council Chamber, Woburn City Hall, Common Street, Woburn, MA, United States

Meeting Agenda

The following is the Notice of Meeting and, at the time of posting, a listing of topics that the President reasonably anticipates will be discussed at the Regular Meeting of the City Council on Tuesday, February 6, 2024, at 7:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, Woburn City Hall, 10 Common Street, Woburn. The order of the matters may be amended at the meeting.

  1. Roll Call.
  2. Reading of Previous Meetings Journal.
  3. Communications from His Honor the Mayor:
    1. Communication from Mayor requesting time to discuss update on PFAS drinking water standard.
    2. Order to transfer the sum of $69,709.00 from Traffic Safety & Infrastructure Fund Account to Salem & Bow Pedestrian Safety Account.
  4. New Petitions:
    1. Petition for renewal of Second Class Motor vehicles Sales Licenses by the following: Cambridge Road Auto Service d/b/a Woburn Plaza Shell, 293 Cambridge Road.
    2. Gurbani d/b/a Tandoor and Curry request for minor modification to special permit dated March 6, 2018/Subhadren Patel d/b/a Krispy Krunchy Chicken, to change the petitioner to Gurbani d/b/a Tandoor and Curry, at 902 Main Street.
  5. Public Hearings:
    1. NSTAR Electric Company d/b/a Eversource Energy for grant of location to install one new joint owned pole, 591/25A, approximately 110 feet south of pole 591/26, on Commerce Way.
    2. Fairfield Woburn Limited Partnership for a new inflammable license for 7,056 gallons of Class 1A gasoline fuel, stored in vehicle gas tanks, at 316 New Boston Street.
    3. Sun Tree Estates, LLC for a special permit under Sections 5.1(12) and 15.6(c)vi of the WZO to allow for a child care center, at 205 and 213 Cambridge Road.
    4. Citizens Bank for a special permit with site plan review under Sections 11.6(10); Section 7.3; Section 13.5 and Section 18.4 for the demolition of a portion of the building, and construction of a new building addition with drive-Up ATM Service, at 1 Commerce Way.
    5. Madison Woburn Holding, LLC for a Modification to special permit under Section 5.1(20a), Section 5.1(29) and Section 5.1 note 16 to allow for a fast food restaurant, and for an amended site plan for previously issued special permit at 369 Washington Street.
    6. Hannaford & Dumas Corporation for a special permit pursuant to Section 5.1(40ab); Section 5.1 (42); Section 5.1 (57b); Section 7.3; Section 8.2.5 and Section 15 to allow construction of a two (2) story addition approximately 6,960 square feet of additional gross floor area, with overnight parking of one (1) box truck with a reduction of parking, at 24-26 Conn Street.
  6. Unfinished Business from Previous Meetings: None
  7. Committee Reports:
    1. Order authorizing the Mayor to apply for a grant or loan assistance for the purpose of conducting a water line inventory. (OTP)
  8. Citizen’s Participation:  None.
  9. Communications and Reports:
    1. Communication from Northeast Metropolitan Regional Vocational School with an update on the new High School project funding.
    2. Communication from Shawna Healey, Human Resource Director regarding the resignation of Deputy Superintendent of Public Works, Leonard Burnham.
  10. Appointments and Elections:
    1. Appointment of John M. Cashell, as Planning Director/Woburn Redevelopment Authority Administrator.
    2. Appointment of Anne G. Chatfield to the Woburn Board of Appeals.
    3. Appointment of Carolyn Peary to the Board of Trustees for the Woburn Public Library.
    4. Appointment of William J. McGrath to the Woburn License Commission.
    5. Appointment of Mark E. Gaffney to the Woburn Golf & Ski Authority.
    6. Appointment of Richard A. Sawyer to the Commission on Disability.
    7. Reappointment of Jan H. Fuller to the Commission on Disability.
    8. Reappointment of Rosalie Travelo to the Woburn Council on Aging.
    9. Reappointment of Mitzie Stein to the Woburn Council on Aging.
    10. Reappointment of Mary Jane Mastrodomenico to the Woburn Council on Aging.
    11. Reappointment of Angela Amato to the Woburn Council on Aging.
    12. Reappointment of Joyce Parker to the Woburn Council on Aging.
  11. Motions, Orders and Resolutions:
    1. Order calling Presidential Primary Election March 5, 2024.
    2. Order that the Committee on Personnel take the necessary steps to fill the vacancy in the position of Deputy Superintendent of Public Works.
    3. Order that Section 10-Cluster Development, of the 1985 Woburn Zoning Ordinance, as amended, be repealed in it entirety; and that Section 10 be marked as reserved for future use.


Notice of Hearing – Citizens Bank – 1 Commerce Way 1-8-2024

Notice of Hearing – Sun Tree Estates, LLC – 205 and 213 Cambridge Road 1-8-2024

Notice of Hearing – Hannaford & Dumas Corp – 24-26 Conn St-

Notice of Hearing – Fairfield Woburn Limited Partnership 2-6-2024