City Council – 10/14/2014

DATE 10/14/2014
TIME 7:00 pm
LOCATION Council Chamber, Woburn City Hall, Common Street, Woburn, MA, United States

Meeting Agenda

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OCTOBER 14, 2014 – 7:00 P.M.





Roll Call

                                                  Anderson                         Gaffney

                                                  Concannon                       Gately

                                                              DiTucci                            Mercer-Bruen

                                                              Drapeau                           Raymond

                                                                 Haggerty – late



In the absence of the President, Alderman Gately as the oldest senior member of the City Council called the meeting to order and served as President, Pro Tem.



Pursuant to Title III, Section 12 of the Charter of the City of Woburn, His Honor the Mayor called a Special Meeting of the City Council to be held in the Committee Room, Woburn City Hall, 10 Common Street, Woburn for the purposes of giving a first reading to two financial matters.



President Haggerty arrived at the meeting but Alderman Gately continued to preside.



ORDERED             That the City of Woburn appropriates the sum of One Million Three Hundred

Thousand Dollars ($1,300,000) to pay costs of for ground remediation at Leland Park and construction of a park, including the payment of all costs associated therewith, and that to meet this appropriation, the Treasurer, with the approval of the Mayor, is authorized to borrow said sum under and pursuant to Chapter 44, 7(25) and 7(32) of the General Laws, or any other enabling authority; and that the Mayor is authorized to contract for and expend any federal or state aid available for the project; provided that the amount of the authorized borrowing shall be reduced by the amount of aid or other funds received on account of the project prior to the issuance of bonds or notes under this order.


s/Gerald W. Surette, City Auditor

s/Scott D. Galvin, Mayor


s/President Haggerty


Mayor Galvin stated that he asks that the prior bond be rescinded, that bids were received for the remediation, that the lot was cleaned up but the bid for the splash park was twice as high as anticipated, that the grant could be used for a playground or a splash park, that the State has authorized the city to use the funds for a playground, and that the language of the bond has to be amended from a splash park to a playground. Alderman Mercer-Bruen stated that the playground at Leland Park is in dire condition, that the bathrooms also need to be replaced, that she understands that there is not enough money available to build the playground and replace the bathrooms, and that the money may be better spent on replacing the bathrooms. Mayor Galvin stated that the bathrooms are not included in the project. Alderman Mercer-Bruen stated that the hockey rink is used by many people and could also use some work. Mayor Galvin stated that $200,000.00 from the State grant can be used for playground equipment, that the swing sets were removed, and that the Kids Kingdom playground is being cleaned up. Alderman Gately stated that he will not back this playground as he has been waiting seven years for a playground to be constructed at the former McGarr School site, that there is no swing set south of Green Street, that there are many young families moving into Ward Two, and that there needs to be a playground for the residents in the Ward. City Engineer John Corey stated that $1,050,000.00 of the money is for parking lot improvements and $250,000.00 for playground equipment is reimbursable, that a spray park was proposed, that there were 53 grants awarded to communities in Massachusetts for spray parks, that there were two bidders for the proposed spray park, that this was not a good response, that the project must be completed by December 31, 2014, that the city can purchase the equipment on the State contract and then go out for bid for installation work, that the bathrooms at Library Field cost $150,000.00, that to install a prefabricated bathroom at Leland Park would cost approximately $200,000.00 when connections are factored in, that there is interest in a full size basketball court, that some equipment on site will be removed, and that some equipment on site will be refurbished. City Engineer Corey offered a plan entitled “Leland Park, Woburn, MA” dated 10-02-2014 prepared by Landscape Structures,  Inc. to the City Council for review. Motion made and 2nd that the document be received and made part of the record, all in favor, 9-0. Alderman Mercer-Bruen stated that the last time the playground equipment at Leland Park was inspected it failed. Recreation Director Rory Lindstrom stated that she has never heard that the playground equipment failed inspection, and that playground mulch will be installed at the park. City Engineer Corey stated that there will be a certified playground surface at least twelve inches deep. Alderman Drapeau stated that the mulch gets kicked out particularly under the swings, and that the rubber material works better. Alderman Mercer-Breun stated that the playground mulch has to be replaced and private fundraising is needed to maintain the mulch, and that she wants assurances that the playground surface will be maintained. Alderman Drapeau stated that a solid rubber surface should be installed under the swings as opposed to pulverized rubber mulch. City Engineer Corey stated that some site preparation including grading and tree removal are part of the budget, that he wants to install new sidewalks and fencing at the swimming pool as part of the project, that the fence will be replaced, that there will be a six foot vinyl claded chaing link fence surrounding the swimming pool, that the project is shifting from a spray park to a playground so that the work can be completed by December 31, 2014, and that the work must be completed before winter set in. Alderman Mercer-Bruen stated that she wants a complete breakdown of the project cost by the Committee on Finance meeting on Thursday, October 16, 2014. City Engineer Corey stated that he will not be able to finish the cost breakdown by that time. Mayor Galvin stated that the City Engineer will do his best to comply with the request for a cost breakdown, and that if the City Council is not willing to approve the Order then the city can forgo the grant. City Engineer

Corey stated that there is an interest in replace a fence along a privately owned piece of property.

Alderman Mercer-Bruen indicated that she understands abutting property owners have expressed an interest in purchasing some of the parcel. Mayor Galvin stated that he told the property owners that the city is not interested in the offer to purchase some of the property. City Engineer Corey stated that there is an interest in installing a berm along Erie Street to discourage vehicles from parking on Erie Street, that there will be a child drop-off area, and that he is writing specifications that have to go out by tomorrow. Alderman Mercer-Bruen stated that she assumed that the equipment has been priced out if this proposal is coming forward for approval. City Engineer Corey stated that he has some pricing information but is waiting for some estimates such as for the fencing, that he can provide estimates of costs, and that the recreation grant received was for spray parks and playgrounds. Recreation Director Lindstrom stated that there is note that can be done with the current bathrooms, that they are a cement block, that the toilets are clean when they are cleaned, and that his is a matter of finding the money to improve the bathrooms, and that she has recommended this project for years. City Engineer Corey stated that there were costs for the design of the spray park which had to be paid, that there were additional costs for remediation and overhead lights, that the parcel is clean and has been re-filled, that the costs for the project will not exceed $1,300,000.00, that there will be $250,000.00 available for the playground, that the city excavated for the foundation and pipes for the Horn Pond bathrooms but Cummings Properties paid for the bathrooms, and that drainage was tied to existing lines that drain effectively at Leland Park. Motion made and 2nd that the MATTER be REFERRED TO COMMITTEE ON FINANCE, all in favor, 9-0.



ORDERED     That the sum of $150,000 be and is hereby appropriated as so stated from Overlay Reserve Account #01-322000 $150,000.00 to Assessor’s Appraisal Acct #0113757-571001 $150,000.00


I hereby approve the above: s/Scott D. Galvin, Mayor

I hereby approve the above: s/Andrew H. Creen, Chief Appraisor

I have reviewed the above: s/Gerald W. Surette, City Auditor


s/President Haggerty


Motion made and 2nd that the MATTER be REFERRED TO COMMITTEE ON FINANCE, all in favor, 9-0.


Motion made and 2nd to ADJOURN, all in favor, 9-0. Meeting adjourned at 6:19 p.m.






William C. Campbell

City Clerk and Clerk of the City Council