Woburn Special Education Parents’ Advisory Council

DATE 01/16/2018
TIME 7:00 am

Meeting Agenda


1.)    Welcome

2.)    Approve past meeting minutes

        a.)   Review and Approve

        b.)   Motion to Amend Something Previously Adopted

3.)   Treasurer’s Report

        a.)  Balance

        b.)  Payments

        c.)  Receipt submission

        d.)  Expected expenses 

4.)    Conversations with Woburn Public School Administration

5.)    Old Business

        a.)  Superintendent search- update

        b.)  Follow-up from Chief Ferullo’s visit

                 1.)  Coordination with police department, next steps

        c.)  Update and next steps for college fair planning

        d.)  Update and next steps for resource fair planning

6.)    New Business

        a.)  Open e-board positions

7.)   Adjourn