Woburn City Council

DATE 02/06/2018
TIME 7:00 pm
LOCATION Council Chamber, Woburn City Hall, Common Street, Woburn, MA, United States

Meeting Agenda

1. Roll Call.

2. Reading of Previous Meetings Journal.

3. Communications from His Honor the Mayor:

A. Order to appropriate the sum of $700,000. for repairs to Ned O’Brien ice rink refrigeration equipment and mechanical room renovation.

B. Order to appropriate the sum of $4,090,214.26 from Unreserved Fund Balance Acct to Various Capital Projects.

4. Public Hearings:

A. Leo Realty Holdings LLC for special permits 1. To allow for eight (8) residential units above first floor story in commercial structure at 375 Main Street; and 2. To amend a prior special permit to allow for an addition to 371 Main Street. [request to continue filed]

B. Vecna Technologies, Inc. for a special permit to allow six storage containers at 71 Pine Street. [request to withdraw filed]

C. NSTAR Electric Company d/b/a Eversource Energy and Verizon New England Inc. for a grant of right in a way to remove three joint occupancy poles and to install three joint occupancy poles on Lowell Street approximately 110 feet west of Hart Place.

D. Subhadraben Patel for a special permit to allow fast food restaurant at 902 Main Street.

E. Shaun K. Marsh for a special permit to allow new 900 square foot garage with two ten foot doors at 101 Forest Park Road.

F. Benchmark Senior Living for a special permit to amend a special permit to confirm that “Future Reserve Parking” area is not necessary and to allow for the construction of a bocce court at 1 Cedar Street.

G. Unified Construction Group LLC for a special permit to allow for the overnight parking of petitioner’s commercial vehicles at 29 Draper Street.

H. President Haggerty and Alderman Anderson to amend the 1985 Woburn Zoning Ordinances, as amended relative to “Rooftop Dining”.

I. Alderman Anderson to amend the 1985 Woburn Zoning Ordinances, as amended, Section 11.3, Special Permits and Variances by deleting “six (6) months” and replacing same with “twelve (12) months”

5. Citizen’s Participation: None.

6. Committee Reports:

A. Order to transfer $240,000. from Unreserved Fund Balance Acct to Veteran’s Cash Aid Acct. (OTP)

B. Reappointment of Geraldine Benecke, Myles Collins and Vincent Simeone to Council on Aging. (OTP)

C. Order to amend Woburn Municipal Code Section 12-40 relative to Conservation Area Use regulations. (OTP)

7. New Petitions:

A. Petitions for renewal of Second Class Motor Vehicle Sales Licenses by Wassim (Sam) Nicolas dba Woburn Square Mobil, 23 Pleasant Street; and Velozo Enterprises, Inc. dba Rogers Radiator, 936 Main Street.

B. Petition for issuance to Livery License to Sams Liv Express LLC, 22 N. Warren Street.

C. Ionic Materials, Inc. for a special permit for outside storage container at 10 Commerce Way.

D. Vecna Technologies, Inc. for special permit for three outside storage containers at 71 Pine Street.

E. 285 Locust LLC for special permit and site plan review for the demolition of existing commercial building, and for construction of a 41 unit, attached townhouse development with integrated parking, landscaping and infrastructure improvements at 285 Locust Street.

F. New Creek II LLC for special permit to modify special permit by approving snow storage plan at 425 Washington Street.

8. Communications and Reports:

A. Parking Clerk report for December 2017.

B. Woburn Business Association in support of increased budget for Woburn Public Library.

C. Minuteman Senior Services FY2017 Report.

9. Unfinished Business from Previous Meetings: None.

10. Appointments and Elections: None.

11. Motions, Orders and Resolutions:

A. Order to amend Woburn Zoning Ordinances relative to maximum residential density calculation.