Region 4A Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coalition

DATE 03/08/2018
TIME 10:00 am
LOCATION Sharon Community Center, 219 Massapoag Avenue, Sharon, MA, USA

Meeting Agenda



1.  Food Safety Inspection Software                                                              10:00 AM

Berger Food Safety Consultants

2. Call to order & quorum Call, Gerard Cody, Region 4A Chair                     10:15 AM

3.  Administrative Business:                                                                           10:20 AM

a.    4A Open meeting law posting requirements

b.    4A website as primary posting resource (Vote)

c.    MRPC Representative

d.    Minutes approval

4.  Monthly Reports                                                                                         10:45 AM

a.    MRPC updates

b.    OPEM updates

c.    4AB project updates

d.    LSAC updates

e.    MRC updates

f.     4A Project status and updates

5.  Presentation: Public Health Emergency Preparedness (Region2)             11:00 AM

a.     Presentations on region 2

1.  Fiscal practices

2.  Regional meetings and structure

3.  Regional Challenges and accomplishments

4.  Q & A

6.  Unfinished Business/additional updates                                                     11:55 AM

7.   Adjourn General Coalition meeting                                                            12:00 PM