The drone returns form a demonstration. New Braunfels Utilities is using a drone to inspect about five miles elevated electrical lines rather than the traditional method of visual inspection by an employee in a bucket. The drone flown by Survey and Mapping LLC of Austin will film and conduct thermal imaging of the power lines under the $35,000 trial contract on Friday, July 13, 2017

Eversource pilots will be using aerial drones to record photos/video of our infrastructure along a small portion of our right-of-way in Woburn on Tuesday, Wednesday 7/26, 7/27Drone Fact Sheet[56074]. Our work will occur in the ROW near the Woburn Substation on Lake Avenue.


Eversource regularly uses drones for routine infrastructure inspections and more urgent inspections as needed to help improve the reliability of service to customers while reducing environmental impacts and costs.

Eversource utilizes certified and licensed drone operators who are specially trained by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to perform inspection work. As always, Eversource ensures that contractors abide by all federal, state and local requirements.

Drone Notification 8.12.2022 (3)