Fiscal Year 2023 Quarter 4 – Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes-DUE 05/01/23

Tax Bills

The Fiscal Year 2023 Quarter Four (4) Real Estate & Personal Property Tax Bills have been issued. These bills are available for online payment via the City of Woburn website .

Both tax bills will be DUE ON MAY 1st, 2023.

If you did not receive your bill, please contact the Treasurer/Collector’s office at 781-897-5870.

Although payments may be made at the Treasurer/Collector’s office, we do highly encourage all taxpayers to use one of the alternative contactless payment options listed below:


Visit (applicable fee for service)


US Mail:

P.O. Box 227

Woburn, MA 01801

(Must be received no later than the “Pay By” date)


Drop Box:

There is a document/mail/bill “drop box” located at the rear of City Hall. The mail is retrieved multiple times throughout each business day.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not drop cash payments or overdue bills in the drop box. Overdue bill payments will be returned and accrue interest and fees until paid. For all overdue bills, please contact the Treasurer/Collector’s office at 781-897-5870 for the most updated amount for any overdue bills which can then be accepted in the form of check payment via subsequent mail or drop box.


Phone (real estate tax, personal property tax, motor vehicle excise tax only):

844-813-4733 (applicable fee for service) (Not to be used for a Water/Sewer Bill payments)


NOTE: For all Tax and Water/Sewer Utility bills, please note the due date. All payments must be received by our office no later than the due/ pay by date on the bill or applicable penalties and interest may be applied.

Partial payments on Motor Vehicle Excise (MVE) are not accepted.



Municipal Lien Certificates:

Please visit and mail to:


10 Common Street

Woburn, MA 01801


Other Services:

Certification of Treasurer/Collector form (to obtain a City Permit)

Submit by: Drop Box (at rear of City Hall) or USPS (Attn: Collector’s Office).   To avoid processing delays, please ensure that form directions are completed and signed by property owner or lessee with a contact phone number.

Any questions, please call the Treasurer/Collector’s office at 781-897-5870.

Thank you for your cooperation.