EVERSOURCE Construction

Construction Activity in Woburn Spring 2023

Dear Neighbor,
Next week, Eversource construction crews will return to your neighborhood to continue construction activity for the Woburn to Wakefield Line Project. This project is designed to increase reliability of the electric grid in the area to meet growing demands for electricity. Last year, crews installed several sections of electric duct bank on Cross Street, Main Street, Border Street and Pickering Street. This year, crews from McCourt Construction intend to complete the sections of duct bank on Montvale Avenue at the intersection of Albany Street.

Construction Hours
Construction hours are Monday to Friday,
7:00 p.m. – 5:00 a.m. Some work may be conducted beyond normal work hours with approval from the City of Woburn.

Construction Activities
This Saturday, April 29, crews will begin preparing the work zone and staging equipment.
On Wednesday night, May 3, crews will begin excavating in the roadway on Montvale Avenue at the intersection of Albany Street during nighttime work hours. Crews will restore the work zone in early June.

Traffic Management
We coordinate closely with the Woburn Police Department and City officials to maintain a safe and effective flow of traffic around project work areas. Vehicles will be detoured to Washington Street and Montvale Avenue during nighttime work hours. Local access to property owners and businesses will be maintained along with large vehicle traffic. If access is obstructed, please catch the attention of a police detail officer or crew member at the work zone to assist with your access needs. See the map for remaining work areas.

Stay Informed
• Phone:1-833-836-0302
• Email: ProjectInfoMA@eversource.com
• Receive updates by signing up at https://bit.ly/ESWWSignUp or scan:
• Website: https://bit.ly/EversourceWW