Lake Avenue NGRID Gas Main Work

Dear Resident/Business Owner:
This is an important notice informing you National Grid will be working in your neighborhood on Lake Ave from Arlington Rd to Pickering St
in order to replace and/or relocate the gas main. The work will begin on or about May 15th, 2023, and will continue for approximately 8
weeks, weather permitting. Work will generally take place from 7am – 4pm, Monday – Saturday.
National Grid customers, within the scope of the project, will have their gas services replaced and transferred to the new gas main in the
street. Each gas service transfer will be scheduled in advance with the customer, and they can expect a short interruption of gas service on
the day of the work on the service. The customer will need to allow our contractor and company technicians access to the property in order
to restore the gas service. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience, but this project is part of our commitment to provide continuous
improvements and keep the natural gas delivery system safe and reliable.
Please note that Covid-19 guidelines will be followed at all times.
● Proper PPE is required at all times.
● PPE includes but is not limited to hard hats, safety glasses, gloves, safety toe boots, reflective vest, face shield or face covering.
● PPE shall be cleaned before and after use.
● Each job site shall have a laminated copy of the COVID-19 Work Safety Plan.
● Hand shaking and other physical contact is prohibited.
● As part of daily health screening, customers will be asked about current health status before employees enter a property.
● All employees and visitors must implement social distancing by maintaining a minimum distance of 6 feet from other individuals wherever
● Hand washing stations will be present at all times.
● National Grid and/or a qualified contractor (RJ Devereaux Corp) will perform the work. A police detail will be provided. The road will be
open to the public and parking may be limited. Expect delays and please use an alternate route if possible. A construction foreman with
appropriate identification will be on site to address your parking needs throughout the duration of the project.
Meters may need to be relocated to the outside of the home or business.
There may be a lag between temporary and permanent restoration of the street and sidewalk, depending on weather and ground
conditions. All restoration details have been coordinated through the Woburn DPW. If you have any questions about the project, please
call Nicholas Pepe, Construction Supervisor, at 978-270-0276. For general inquiries, National Grid Customer Service can be reached 24/7 at
If you do not have a gas service to your home/business or are not currently using natural gas for heating, this is the easiest time to make the
switch to clean, reliable natural gas. Please be aware that if your street is repaved it will be some years before National Grid has permission to
reopen the street and/or sidewalk. For more details about our many conversion incentives, please call 1-877-696-4743.
National Grid