North Woburn Fire Station Auctions for $880,000

Re: North Woburn Fire Station Auctions for $880,000, Funding Revitalization of Three Older Fire Stations

Woburn, MA- October 31, 2023- In a significant move to enhance public safety services, the City of Woburn is pleased to announce the successful auction of the former North Woburn Fire Station, which fetched an impressive $880,000. The proceeds from the sale will be allocated to the rehabilitation of three older fire stations in the City, ensuring the safety and well-being of Woburn residents for years to come. The old fire station had outlived its useful life, prompting the decision to close both the North Woburn Fire Station and the Central Square Fire Station. This consolidation enabled the City to build a state of the art headquarters for the Fire Department, ensuring more efficient emergency response capabilities.

The winning bid, totaling $880,000, was made by Charm Concepts LLC which is exploring innovative ways to utilize the space. Owner Jordan Long explained, “We are thrilled for Charm Concepts new location in Woburn! We are looking forward to many successful years in our new building- we’ve been operating out of Woburn for years and we love this city! ” Charm Concepts specializes in crafting unique and delicious surprise-filled cakes to add an extra element of excitement to special celebrations.

Mayor Galvin stated, “We are delighted with the outcome of this auction. This sale will enable us to invest in the future of our city while honoring the legacy of the North Woburn Fire Station. Our focus is on modernizing our fire infrastructure to continue providing exceptional emergency services to our residents.”

The rehabilitation of the three older fire stations will include upgrades to equipment, technology, and facilities to ensure the highest level of public safety. This initiative reaffirms Woburn’s commitment to the well-being of its residents.