Woburn Awarded $959,757 of Federal Funds for our Water Treatment Plant

We’re thrilled to announce that Woburn was awarded $959,757 of federal funds to put towards our new water treatment plant. Thank you to our partner Carol Rego, Charlie Doherty and Jay Duran for all your hard work in helping us secure those funds.


The funding will be used to add granular activated carbon (GAC) treatment to remove perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in drinking water at the Horn Pond Water Treatment Plant and is essential to complying with current Massachusetts Drinking Water Standards, meeting proposed EPA standards, and providing the public with a safe water supply. It also includes a control system and cybersecurity upgrades to strengthen the resiliency of critical drinking water infrastructure.

“Providing clean drinking water is an essential service for Woburn residents. We have made significant investments in designing a PFAS removal plant that will serve us now, and in the future. The $959,757 funding assistance provides much needed financial support to put our design into production. We are grateful for the advocacy of Democratic Whip Katherine Clark and Senator Edward Markey who have championed on behalf of Woburn to secure these funds,” said City of Woburn Mayor Mike Concannon.