RAVE Smart911 FAQs

SMART911 Frequently Asked Questions


What is Smart911?

Smart911 is a profile based system the City of Woburn uses to send out Emergency Alerts via a text message, phone call, and/or email. Smart911 will also send General Alerts to notify about severe weather, road closures & detours, Water Department events, etc. You can also add specific information about yourself, family members, your home details, even your pets so if a 911 call is placed, dispatchers will already have valuable information to best prepare for their arrival.

Why should I sign up for Smart911?

When an emergency happens, you’ll be notified immediately. This allows you to take potentially life-saving actions right away to keep yourself and your family safe. Or, if you are in need of help, your Smart911 profile will provide critical information to dispatchers and first responders who will be better prepared for their arrival. Time is of the essence during an emergency situation, and Smart911 helps make those critical minutes more valuable.

How does it work?

When the City of Woburn makes the determination an alert needs to go out to the public whether it city-wide, or just in your specific area or neighborhood, you’ll receive an alert based off the option(s) you have chosen whether it comes as a text message, a phone call, an email, or a Smart911 app notification.

How much does it cost?

Smart911 is provided by the City of Woburn at no cost, however, messaging and data rates may apply depending on your provider and phone services.

Can you guarantee will receive notifications if I register?

While Smart911 is one of the industry leading alert systems, we cannot guarantee you will receive notifications in all cases. Emergencies and disasters are unpredictable situations, and the notifications that are sent are dependent on external factors that are out of the City of Woburn’s control such as your wireless carrier, email delivery system, etc. If your wireless provider is having a service issue, for example, you may not receive the notification. Smart911 leverages many different communication methods, technologies, and delivery options to better the likelihood you will receive notifications.

I already signed up, but no longer wish to receive Woburn alerts.  How do I opt-out of the system?

If you no longer wish to receive Emergency and/or General alerts from the City of Woburn, you can fill out the Smart911 Opt-Out Request and we will remove you. You may receive a call to confirm your request to opt-out.



How do I sign up for Smart911?

Signing up for alerts is easy! Go to www.woburnma.gov and click on the MOBILE ALERTS button at the top of the page and follow the steps provided. You can also go to the Smart911 website to sign up or edit your profile preferences such as your family and home information, the types and methods of notification delivery, etc.

Who can sign up for Smart911?

Anyone who lives, works, travels through, or visits the City of Woburn can sign up. The address you use to sign up can be your home address, work location, or any other location you care about in the city.

Will I receive alerts if I don’t sign up?

City of Woburn residents who have a landline phone may receive alerts, however, there are only very specific circumstances the City can use this contact information to send out an alert. These situations include extremely critical alerts which would contain potentially life-saving information. To ensure you are going to receive all types of alerts (Emergency and General), we recommend you sign up with Smart911.



I don’t own a computer or a smart device – who can help me sign-up for Smart911?

You can always use one of the Woburn Public Library computers, have a family member or friend help, call or visit City Hall, or even keep a look out for a sign-up sheet at many City of Woburn events.

What types of alerts will I receive?

Emergency alerts are sent 24/7 when there is an immediate threat to life and/or property. You can also customize other alerts you’d like to receive such as non-severe weather, severe weather, and general alerts for City of Woburn events and other non-emergency notifications such as Water Department activities, road closures & detours, etc.

Can I call the alert phone number back or reply back to the email?

You cannot reply back directly to alerts, however, they will all have proper follow up information included such as a better call back number, or website link with more information.

When will I start receiving alerts?

Once you have signed up for Smart911 and confirm your contact information within the system, you will begin receiving alerts.

How do I update or remove my notification preferences and contact information used by Smart911?

Follow the steps below to edit your notification settings:

  1. Go to the Smart 911 website and sign in using the username and password you setup when you signed up
  2. Click on the Alerts button on the top task bar
  3. Check or uncheck the phone number(s) to receive notifications on
  4. Check or uncheck your desired notification types such as emergency, weather, general, etc.
  5. Check or uncheck the delivery method (Text and/or Voice) for each specific type of notification
  6. Click Save

How often will I receive alerts?

The frequency will be dependent on your address and notification preferences you select. Emergency Alerts are only sent when there is an immediate threat to life/and or property, General Alerts, are sent when specific criteria are met such as specific City location, and how much potential disruption, etc. the event will cause. Weather alert notification are handled by the National Weather Service who will send alerts as they see necessary for emergent weather events.

How does Smart911 respond to busy signals or no-answer situations?

If your phone is busy, the system automatically retries the call several times. If the call completes and is sent to your voicemail, a voice message is left with all pertinent alert information.



Will my information be disclosed or shared?

Absolutely not! Your information is private and will not be used or distributed in any manner. For more information, you can reference the Smart911 privacy policy and/or the terms of use.