Washing your car without polluting

Whether you were out mudding with your jeep, or are trying to get the car shining like new there are numerous ways to conserve water as well as cut down on pollutants released into our waterways while washing your motorized baby. First, only use a hose with a nozzle that will allow you to stop the water while scrubbing down the car. The average hose discharges about 5 gallons per minute so a 30 min carwash of nonstop water use would consume up to 150 gallons, THAT’S A LOT OF WATER! In order to prevent runoff from reaching our ponds and streams try washing your vehicle in a spot where the soap will run off onto the grass, rather than into the street and down the storm drain. If possible, park your car on the grass while washing it in order to allow the water to be filtered into the ground. Use an organic or mild soap; not only are they better for your car they are easier on the environment and surrounding ecosystem. Finally avoid washing the undercarriage of your car, as this will cause oils and harmful toxins to be released into surrounding water ways damaging fish plant life and the rest of the ecosystem.