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The Woburn Police Department is an accredited Massachusetts Police agency consisting of over seventy-six fulltime sworn officers and nineteen sworn reserve officers. Woburn is approximately 9.5 miles northwest of Boston and is located at the intersection of Interstate Routes 93 and 95. Our officers are responsible for the safety of Woburn’s 40,151 residents and tens of thousands of employees of Woburn’s large industrial base, the motoring public, and many visitors alike. We work to secure the community by patrolling an area of 12.64 square miles. This is accomplished by the Patrol Division, covering three shifts over twenty-four hours, three hundred and sixty-five days a year, as well as a full-time staffed Detective Bureau consisting of 11 highly trained Investigators, a dedicated Traffic Enforcement Bureau and Services Division. Our officers take pride in the responsibility given to them by the City of Woburn and are grateful to serve this community. Welcome to our official website.

Chief Robert F. Rufo, Jr.



The mission of the Woburn Police Department, in partnership with the citizens of our city, is to reduce the fear of crime and improve the quality of life through the effective and efficient delivery of police services and the creative use of problem solving techniques.

Values Statement

  • Maintenance of the highest standards of integrity and ethics
  • Commitment to the philosophy and principles of community oriented policing
  • Protection of the constitutional rights of all citizens
  • Performing public service and law enforcement tasks so as to provide
  • Leadership to the community


Frequently Asked Questions

Unless otherwise regulated, parking is allowed on City streets during the winter on the ODD numbered side of the street.
Parking is NOT allowed on City streets on the even numbered side between 2AM and 6AM. This is in effect from 15 November until 31 March.
If a snow storm is expected, a Snow Emergency might be declared. Please see the information about Snow Emergencies.
Please refer to the City Traffic Ordinances of 1935, as amended, Section 7-4. The full text reads:

It shall be unlawful for the driver of any vehicle other than one acting on an emergency, to park said vehicle on the even side of any street between the hours of 2 AM and 6 AM of any day each year during the period beginning at 12:00 midnight November 15 and ending at 12:00 midnight the following March 31. (amended 8/6/1964; amended 2/8/1966; amended 1/8/1969; amended 7/24/1978, amended 11/19/1982; amended 10/4/2001)

A Snow Emergency is declared by the Department of Public Works. It is advertised on most Boston TV and radio stations.

Please park in your driveway, allowing room for street and sidewalk plows to do their work.

If you do not have a driveway, the Public Works Department allows parking in municipal lots. They ask that you move your car once the storm is over, so they can clean up the lot for the next business day.

Level 3 Sex Offenders are considered the most dangerous and are posted here on the police web site.

To get information about Level 2 Sex Offenders, click on the link below, print and complete the form, and take it to the Police Station with a photo ID. There is no fee.

Click on the link below for information from the state regarding gun permits.
Massachusetts has very strict laws governing who may be issued gun permits.


Generally, any person convicted of a drug offense, domestic violence or violation of a
gun law is NOT eligible to obtain a permit.

For the Woburn Police staff member who processes gun permit applications and renewals, please call 781-932-4510 x4888.

Each driver involved in a motor vehicle crash is required to complete a report if:
– someone was injured, or:
– damge to a vehicle or other property will exceed $1,000.
You must send your reports, within 5 business days after the crash.
– One report must be sent to the Registry of Motor Vehicle, the address is in on the form;
– One report must be sent to your insurance company;
– One report must be sent to the police department where the crash occurred;
– Reports from crashes on a state highway like Interstate 93 or Route 128 / Interstate 95 should go to the MA State Police.
– It is a good idea to keep a copy for your own records.
Click on the link below to download a report form, or go to any local police station or state police barracks and ask for a form.

There is a secure disposal box in the lobby of the station that is available 24 hours. It is bright green, and located just inside the front doors.

Yes you do. The City of Woburn has an Ordinance that requires every residential and commercial alarm system to be registered.

Please click on the link to register your residential or commercial alarm system on line.
A brief summary of the Alarm Ordinance:
– All Alarms must be registered.
– No alarms that dial the police can be installed.
– Each location is allowed 3 accidental activations of the alarm system each calendar year, after that each activation is fined by a fee of $25.00.
– There is an appeal system if a charge is issued.
– The fine for failing to register with the Police Department is $100.00.
The Alarm Registration office can be reached at 781-932-4510 x4882.

To obtain a copy of a report you can come to the station or call 781-932-4510 x4812 during the business day. We do not currently charge a fee to obtain a copy of an incident report.

As of Monday September 13, 2009, the Department instituted a $5.00 fee to obtain a copy of a crash report at the station. Crash Reports area available on-line at http://woburnma.policereports.us . . There will be a convenience fee added to the on-line reports.

The Massachusetts Public Records Law restricts some reports from public access. Reports containing information about juveniles, sexual assaults, matters still under investigation, and arrest reports are usually NOT available.

Parking fines may be paid in person at the Police Station, Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., or through the mail to:
Attn: Parking Clerk
Woburn Police Department
25 Harrison Avenue
Woburn, MA 01801

Please look at the back of the ticket. The ticket will explain your options. The different options available to you have different time limits in which you must act, so read the ticket as soon as you get it.
If ALL CIVIL INFRACTIONS is checked, you have 20 days to decide on your course of action.
If CRIMINAL APPLICATION is checked, you have 4 days to decide on your course of action.
Make your decision and follow the instructions.
Follow the link below for contact information about the Woburn District Court.

Local police cannot provide this information. You must request this information from the Registry of Motor Vehicles. See the Form in the Documents section.

Local police cannot provide this information. You must contact the MA Criminal History Systems Board in writing to obtain this information. More information in the links section.


Chief Robert F. Rufo, Jr.

Chief of Police

Captain Ed Jolly

Services Division Commander

Detective Captain John Murphy

Criminal Bureau Commander
781-933-1212 X4879

Captain Steven Marshall

Patrol Division Commander
781-9331212 x4833

Lieutenant David Magee

Administrative Lieutenant - Property and Evidence

Detective Lieutenant Brian McManus

Detective Bureau Supervisor
781-933-1212 x4821

Detective Lieutenant John Walsh

Vice/Narcotics Unit Supervisor
781-933-1212 X4832

Lieutenant Dennis McGrath

Split Shift Commander
781-933-1212 X0

Lieutenant Paul Doherty

Evening Shift Commander
781-933-1212 X0

Lieutenant Daniel Driscoll

Day Shift Commander
781-933-1212 X0

Sergeant Ian Hunt

Training and Education Unit
781-933-1212 X4825

Sergeant Charles Stokes, Jr.

Traffic Bureau Supervisor, Crossing Guards
781-933-1212 X4813

Officer Louis Castro

Court Officer
781-933-1212 C 4838

Drug Unit

Anonymous Tip Line

Linda Kearns

Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Police

Maureen Garrity

Licensing and Detail Administration
781-933-1212 X4888

Cheryl Kerns

Crash Reports and Incident Reports
781-933-1212 X4810

Michele Provinzano

Accounts Payable, Department Purchasing and Public Records
781-933-1212 X4812

Deb Schwartz

Community Outreach and School Resource Support
781-933-1212 X4823

Arthur Duffy

Alarm Billing
781-933-1212 X4882

Charles O'Connor

Parking Clerk
781-933-1212 X4811

Jay Donovan

Animal Control
781-933-1212 X4824

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