Hazard Mitigation

Natural hazard mitigation is a sustained attempt to lessen the impact that a natural hazard poses to life, property, infrastructure and other valuable resources. A plan to mitigate natural hazards includes a variety of preventive actions in the form of policies and capital improvement projects targeted at minimizing the impact of future severe weather occurrences. The purpose of this plan is to identify both known and potential risks and to develop a mitigation action plan. The benefits to the City of Woburn from the implementation of an effective Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan could include:

  • Reduction in public and private property damage.
  • Increased access to funding sources for hazard mitigation projects.
  • Increased access to funding sources for post disaster recovery projects.

Hazard Mitigation Team

Scott D. Galvin Mayor
John F. Duran II, P.E Superintendent of Public Works
John E. Corey, Jr., P.E City Engineer
Chief Robert F. Rufo, Jr. Police Chief
Chief Donald Kenton Fire Chief
John Fralick Health Agent
Anthony Blazejowski Water Treatment Plant Manager

2021-2026 Hazard Mitigation Plan Update

Download the City’s Natural Hazard Mitigation Report

Vision 20/20 Master Plan