Woburn Drone Program

The City of Woburn Engineering/GIS Drone Program is operated through the Engineering Department.  The program was established to provide the department with the ability to utilize small, unmanned aerial systems (sUAS), or drones, to capture videos and imagery to support and enhance the work of the engineering department and GIS. Videos and images can be used to promote new and ongoing projects on City web pages and social media.  Drone imagery can also be used as a means of capturing aerial-based survey terrain data to support the design of small projects, and to serve as supplemental aerial background imagery in GIS maps and online apps.

So far, the drone program has completed 109 flights covering over 56 miles of ground.  In calendar year 2023 that included 298 flights covering almost 34 miles of ground and over 5 hours of flight time .  This will only continue to increase as our capability continues to improve.  For more information on our drone program, click here.

Here are just a few of the project areas we’ve flown so far.